Decorative Concrete

Werth Builders offers many types and styles of decorative concrete in Southern California for our clients to choose from that will complement their homes and create value. Our specialty finishers are trained in the application and installation of these delicate systems to assure our clients the highest quality and satisfaction. If the process is not done according to specifications the outcome of the job will suffer. The grading and set up process is vital to the quality assurance of any type of permanent installations especially concrete.
In addition to the set up process depending on what area the new concrete is being poured additional support and moisture barriers should be considered. For Example: any driveway needs to have the proper sloping for water run off and also a minimum of #4 re-bar set @ 16-18 inches on center (AKA grid pattern). This procedure will help prevent the cracking of the concrete due to weight of vehicles and ground shifting.
Pool decking should require additional grading and sloping especially if there are deck/surface drains involved. Lasser scopes are highly recommended for this type of grading and to shoot the proper elevations from the pool coping to any adjacent structure. Typically Lasser scopes can be used for any types of grading to assure the proper elevations prior to setting the forms.
In certain cases the existing dirt is clay or also known as being expansive soil. Any bedrock or expansive soils should be removed to a depth of at least 6-8 inches and new fill sand or road base needs to be spread out and compacted with a mechanical plate to create density. Then we are ready to install the required amount of re-bar. Dobies are used to keep the re-bar centered in the middle of the freshly poured concrete to help with the reinforcement and stability. If pouring a colored stamped area outside temperature consideration is a must. If the weather is not conducive according to manufacturers recommendations the project can turn out as a failure. These are highly sensetive projects and should be completed by properly trained professionals only.
The mixture of the concrete that is ordered from the plant or supplier is as equally important to the longevity of the project. Certain areas of new concrete should have a special mix. This will better the chances of less cracking and more sustainability. A Qualified Werth Builders staff will direct our clients on which process and mix will be better for their job requirements.
Concrete stamping and coloring is one of the most popular and sought after finishes. Not only does it make the property more eye catching but if done correctly you will be the envy of the neighborhood. We offer a high variety of finishes ranging from a random stone look to many different types of slates, textures small and large patterns even some that look like wood planking and even brick. The colors can be integral blended together. Integral colors are available in soft earth tone colors made from the pigments available. These are ideal for creating a two tone effect and some cases a multiple color. Integral colors are extremely beneficial because the entire load that is ordered from the plant is colored. Therefore the color is mixed through and through. Additional colors can be added to produce a multiple layer of colors for even more highlights. Sealing of the concrete is a vital step to the detailing and finishing of the job. This will not only protect the colors from fading but will also give it a glossy finish. The sealing process is also a very sensitive application and should be done by a highly trained individual that is familiar with all the aspects of procedure and proper material. There are many different types of sealer and finishes to use depending on the customer's wants.

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